Just Gotta Find These M by MJ Boots! Help!

  1. Okay my dear "bag-ladies"......
    I know this isn't the right place for this, but know that you are all VERY informed and I found these fab boots today at NM Last Call in DC but ugh - they were a size 7 and just too big!
    They were 55% off, $315!!!
    I just ordered them from Zappos for $560 in my size, but was hoping that maybe someone saw these boots somewhere else for less than the Zappos price.
    Thanks for your kind attention....keeping my fingers crossed!

    They are awesome cuz I can get 'em over my linebacker calves!

    Here's the pic:
  2. you can check to see if Zappos will match the sale price? it's worth a shot!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions....I looked into this, but they will only match if the same SIZE is available at another store.....UGH!
  4. I'm not sure what size you needed, I'm assuming a 6.5 since the 7 was too big, but those boots are on sale at Plaza Too (plazatoo.com) for $349.99. They are currently availabe in a 6 and 6.5.
  5. Strikeapose -
    HOW CAN I POSSIBLY THANK YOU ENOUGH :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I just nabbed the 6.5 and am thrilled! Oh, I'm just brimming over with gratitude! Thanks for looking out for your fellow TPFER!
    Best to you....and know that this good deed will come back your way when you're in need! :flowers:
  6. i almost got those on bloomies today for less than $150. they sold out right before i placed my order :sad: