Just got....

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  1. a navy blue patent ergo hobo at outlet on a charge/hold for 49.00!!!!:yahoo:I got the red one about 2 weeks ago for 70.00....
  2. $49?? That's insane!
  3. That's great! Last I checked, there will still $75 at my outlet!
  4. Wow!! How'd you score that?

    Pictures please!
  5. I am picking it up next week when I go over to the outlet...I got the red one at the same store 2 weeks ago for 70.00!I am going to get one for bbf and mom while I am at it...it is such a great price!
  6. Awesome!!
  7. Great!
  8. sorry if i sound dumb but charge/hold is?? do you pay for it over the phone and they hold it for you?? I asked once and they said they couldnt do it!

    thats a bargain! good score by the way!
  9. ^^ yeah, some outlets won't do it. Make that a lot....IMO it's a policy that needs revising!
  10. Man you guys are making some great outlet deals today. Great job!
  11. yeh its where you pay for it on the phone but you have to pick it up in like 10 days or less I think....it is a great deal for that bag!
  12. Wow, that's amazing!
  13. With the outlet finds this good - who would want to shop retail again?
  14. Thats a great price!! how big is it do you know? maybe I will trade my small soho hobo for this!
  15. its the med (i guess) size ergo hobo...its got a lot of room in it,to me its a large size bag...