Just got 'Zoomed'

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  1. Just got home from getting the 'Zoom' teeth bleaching done. I'm bittersweet about it right now so I will post in a few days for the final say...but my teeth are killing me right now!

    The whole reason I did the Zoom (in office bleaching system at the dentist) was because I had done the trays (I used the Opalescence gel) about 6 years ago, but my teeth AND gums were so sensitive afterwards that it turned me off. But it worked. So 6 years of nicotine, caffeine, and a few kids to boot, I decided to Zoom since it has been said that whiter teeth will take a few years off your appearance.

    I can't really tell the difference. I'm supposed to follow up for the next 48 hours with my trays and was told that they will continue to get whiter. All I know is that I am hungry and having white wine for dinner.

    Just thought I would share since I know there are some people out there wondering about bleaching. I will update after 48hrs if anyone really cares:shame: !
  2. I got the Zoom whitening about 5 years ago. I was amazed at the difference (& I didn't think my teeth were that bad to begin with.) You will experience a certain amount of sensitivity but it varies. I had some but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm going back for a "touch up" in a few months. ;)
  3. Do you mind me asking approximately how much this costs? I'm using whitestrips, but I'd rather do something like this.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that your teeth are hurting you. I hope it goes away quickly. I am interested in your feedback regarding the results in 48 hours. Hang in there!
  5. I just woke up this morning and for some reason my lower lip is HUGE. My husband wont stop laughing at me, it is really big. I'm wondering if it was overexposed to the light. My teeth are whiter than they were last nite and now I'm suppossed to follow up with my trays for the next two days. I have to use them twice a day for about 1/2 hour each time.

    I shopped around for Zoom, my dentist did it but charged $600.00 and I asked them if they would be competitive with other dentists and they said no. So I found some places as low as $400 and but no higher than $600. I'm not sure if the $400 included the maintennance trays because that will make a difference. As long as you get those trays, you can use any gel you want in them which is nice because the gel can be expensive too.

    That's the update for now!
  6. Please post pics! In the summer I had veneers done and sometimes my teeth hurt a bit too.
  7. Thank you elle-mo! Expensive, but if the results are impressive then definitely worth it.
  8. Sorry to hear your having trouble. I just had zoom 2 whitening done, in the cincinnati, oh area. They had a x-mas special for $450.00. He told me the difference between zoom 2 is there is less chair time, and less sensitivity. My teeth were a little sensitive at first, but no horrible pain at all. Hopefully, it goes away soon! I saw results immediately and loved it! Good Luck!
  9. If you haven't already, buy toothpaste for sensitive teeth, then brush it on and leave it for a few minutes, I SWEAR it helps.
    My DH didn't notice a huge difference the first day either, but I did, especially in different lights.
  10. okay, my teeth aren't as sensitive anymore but my inner lower lip got burned by the procedure, thus the humongous lower lip. Anyways, I got out today and was looking at my teeth in the natural light and there is a noticible difference. My husband said that there was a huge difference and he doesn't notice anything.

    I would gladly download a pic if my upperlip didn't look like that of Hagrid (Harry Potter fans will sympathize) and nostrils that close don't ever look appealing.

    Am I glad I did it and dumped $500.00? I guess, but if your teeth aren't super sensitive, I say go to the dentist and get the trays w/the gel because it works. Otherwise get the Zoom. I've heard great things about Crest whitestrips too. But I'm rather impatient and want that instant gratification (and pain) so that is my review on Zoom!
  11. omg i thought these procedures went into the thousands. hope your lip retreats, before you convince yourself that you look like Hagrid as the result of a spell gone awry.
  12. Thanks for the post, I am thinking about doing something too.
  13. I got the Zoom 2 advanced yeaterday. My teeth were 7 shades lighter. The dentist told me to take 2 advil before and then put flouride on after. I have really sensitive teeth and this did not bother me a bit. I had 3 applications and wish I would have had the 4th. I was afraid of the sensitivity. He charged $400 including trays for the touchups. I love it.
  14. How long does this take? I would probably use toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a week before since my teeth are sensitive.