Just got Vogue and I am Hyperventilating!

  1. I just got home and was pleasantly suprised to see the new issue of Vogue magazine, so I did what I always do when I get a new magazine, I start reading it backwards (must be the jew in me). And oh what a lovely sight I saw,the new Christian Louboutin neuron stilleto in roccia python!
    Does anyone know anything about this shoe like who bought it and when it will be available? I am starting to hyperventilate here! These shoe looks absolutely stunning.

    I can't wait to slip them on because they just look lucsious in this photo. What are your thoughts for the ladies that have seen it. Can anyone scan it?
  2. Oh goodness - I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet and tomorrow morning I'm going away for a week; I won't be able to see it for days! Now I'll have something to look foward to when I get home.
  3. ack, after hearing your description we desperately need to see a pic now!! can someone scan in the pic or take a photo of it??
  4. cant wait to get my vogue now
  5. I don't get vogue, so I hope someone finds a pic to post.

    btw, I read magazines backwards too. I wonder why?
  6. can anyone scan the pic and post it here? we would love to ogle at it!! ;)
  7. OMG, sounds hot!
  8. sounds amazing, pics please!!!
  9. would love to have a pic and the name :smile:
  10. Ha ha! I don't think it's a Jewish think cause I do it too!! I don't know why, I always thought it was some OCD thing or something. Glad to know I am not alone. Maybe it is because we are smart and have figured out most of the good stuff is towards the back anyway. They just want you to flip thru all the ads. I want to get straight to business.:tup:
  11. Demi - the name is the "Neuron", it is a strappy open toed sandal (looks like 110mm) in roccia python. The retail is $1,525. It is in the "Last Look" of Vogue, the very last page. I wish I had a scanner so that I could post it.
  12. After working out at the gym I went to Borders to pick up Vogue. That is how much of a CL fiend I am and how much I enjoy trying to be helpful to everyone here. Here is a scan of the CL Neuron to tide us over until we see HQ pics or the shoe IRL:

  13. oh thanks for posting!
    that is a very pretty shoe.
    i did see it in black at the showroom :smile:
  14. Lavender - you are awesome!
    Sooo...am I the only one drooling?
  15. Is it me, or am I the only one that finds the shoes Lavander posted ugly?