Just got Versace bag-should I keep it??????

  1. I'd like to get your opinion on this bag. It just arrived today, and I'm not sure I'm loving it. For one, it's quite heavy. I wasn't expecting that. However, it may just be due to the fact I'm used to my Bbags. Also, I didn't think it was this big. Does it look too big for me? Does it look like luggage? What I do like about it is it is very well made .... high quality. The leather handles are gorgeous! I'm not sure what to do. Please give me your honest opinions. Even in black is it still too much bling for everyday?


  2. I think it looks cute. Keep it! You look great carrying it. However if you think you're not going to be able to carry it all day without giving yourself a back injury, return it!
  3. I have the white and gold version of this bag and I wore it for the first time this whole week...I can't even tell you how many ladies were eyeing my bag and I received countless compliments on it...keep it. I do agree it's very heavy...but it's gorgeous. Have you seen the beautiful black leather boots for the fall collection? TDF!!!
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of the purse. Heavy bags are always a burden.... Just my opinion. :flowers:
  5. Thanks for your feedback, ladies. I decided this bag is not for me. In addition to being heavy it was a little awkward/cumbersome to carry. I returned it to NM and bought a Prada leather hobo. It's being shipped to me. I'll post pics when I get it.
  6. I think that you are probably correct, the bag did look cumbersome. I don't like overly heavy bags either. Not a big satchel fan unless I can get it over my shoulder. Hope you like your other bag. Comfort is a must for me. Guess it's the age thing for me, I am tired of being tired. :P
  7. it looks diff.. wear it once and see how will u feel about it!
  8. that was fast! :upsidedown:
    i believe you did the right thing! i was going to say it has too much around :shrugs:
    congraaaaaaaaaaaaats on ur Prada though :flowers:
    cant wait to see it :nuts:
  9. Kat, I was going to reply that since you were questioning it yourself, that alone would be a yellow flag. I know you had said you took your Ink Hook bag (which was so pretty too) back because it was too luggagey feeling to you. The Versace is similar but more rounded (duffle-like) and structured looking. I know it is tough to figure out if it is right or not for you just based upon a picture so the only way to tell is to get it and see if you're feeling it or not IRL which is what you did. I think you made the right decison. Black & gold bags are HOT this season so I'm sure there are others out there you'll know are more for you (no questioning/yellow flags). :smile:
  10. I'm with you, Purseloco, the bag has to be comfortable to carry otherwise it's not worth it.:P
  11. I'll post pics when I get it. The Prada is the total opposite of this bag. It is very understated. It's a plain black hobo but I really like it.:P
  12. I kinda liked it but I could see how it would have worn out its welcome. Can't wait to see the new pics.
  13. You're so right, Goldensx5. I didn't even realize it until you pointed it out that I returned the Hook bag for similar reasons. I'm going to run my future purchases by you before I take the plunge!:P
  14. i think it looks hot!
  15. I can understand you Kat. I'm not the biggest fan of those bling bling Versace bags. I'm sure you made the right choice with the Prada. can't wait to see pics!