Just got to share ***PICS***

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  1. Just had to share my new PCE additions...Thanks for taking a peek! :yahoo:
    Ergo Cross body and watercolor wristlet.jpg Purse Forum June 2007 003.jpg
  2. Those are lovely choices - that watercolor wristlet is so cute.
  3. :drool: Congratulations! Those bags are GORGEOUS!!! :heart:

    Enjoy them!
  4. Very nice choice. I've been thinking about one of those crossbody bags...how do you like the way it wears?
  5. very nice! *didn't look at close up of pic*
    That tote is SUPER cute, what is the name of it??

    LOVE the patent coin purse! :smile:
  6. beautiful choices!
  7. Thanks so much everyone!

    Coachlover: I am really into the crossbody/messenger type bags right now. They allow me to keep my hands free...for coffee, talking on my cell etc. This new one is extremely light weight so I think I'm gonna love it :yes:
  8. Actually, that tote is from last summer...I added the coin purse to spruce it up. :supacool:
  9. Oh wow what great choices! It's all so summery!
  10. love it! the red coin purse on the bag
  11. aaah, i see. well, it's adorable, nonetheless :smile:

    the coin purse goes with it beautifully!
  12. Ohhh, the watercolor wristlet is soo adorable!!
  13. Looks like someone had a nice PCE. :graucho: Nice purchases. :tup:
  14. Congratulations on some great purchases. :smile:
  15. Great choices! Perfect for summer!!!