Just got to Chanel Bags and do not know much info

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  1. Hi, I just got these two Chanel Bags, thing is I know nothing about them and im even thinking of lsiting one of them on eBay. Does anyone know any kind of info on them? [​IMG][​IMG]">[​IMG]">
  2. i'm in no way an expert but....

    both of them look quite similar to the reissue style...especially the reddish brick colored one....i haven't seen the style of the white one but you might want to wait for some additional info!

    i do want to note that the chain straps are different from the reissue that i have and have seen here

    could you post some better/bigger pictures? that might help in getting you the info you need!

    hope this gives you start at least!
  3. Thanks....See I have a friend that I get bags from and sometimes they are samples....I was thinking maybe this is one? I know that the bag is def. 100% Authentic but just finding out info is not so easy. I have two Ferragamos that I got from her and they are from the 2007 spring/summer line and they are samples and I just recently saw them on the Neiman Marcus site one clients had to order and the other one is still not the same exact style that is out....2 months after I had them!!

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  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
  9. there's also an "Authenticate this Chanel" thread in the "Chanel Shopping" sub-forum...look at the stickies on the top of the page!

    we have some great in-house experts such as Michele and Smooth who can probably help you out with these! :yes:

    the straps remind me of the new straps that coming out this season but i haven't seen them IRL

    sorry i'm no good~:sad:

    there's NO buying or selling here, members are banned for this!!
  10. Thanks sweetie...Im kind of thinking more and more about them being "upcoming I will however ask in the other forum.

    ps...thats the one im thinking about not keeping ...not sure yet...they are such beauties!
  11. Hi I'm interested in purchasing the white one, can u tell me where did you get this bag and how much ?
  12. You should be very careful - there is no selling allowed on the purse forum.

    These bags do appear to have the new chain from S/S2007. The red one looks like it has a tag on it? Does that tag have any numbers on the other side?

    I talked to a sales associate earlier this year that told me they were releasing a new 2.55 for spring. She said only in distressed calfskin. I note your bags are caviar leather. Both are very nice. Did they come with boxes? Normally there is information on the boxes to help identify the handbag.:yes:
  13. I think it would be a wonderful idea for y'all to familiarize yourselves with the "NO SELLING" forum rules. :yes:
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