Just got this SPY and debating if I should ...

  1. give it to my SIL (as it was purchased for her) or keep it?!:graucho: She won't be back for another two weeks so I am free to use for now but what to do when she comes back?!:nuts:

  2. I absolutely love this Choco spy. Why give it away???
  3. Boy, I know I wouldn't be able to give it back! LOL You're a very kind person if you do decide to give it to your SIL ... but you've got that stunning blue jean JPG birkin so I'm sure that you won't miss the cognac spy that much:smile:
  4. Keep it! :upsidedown: She'll look gorgeous with her other sisters! You have a TDF Spy collection by the way!! :yes:

  5. Well, she paid for it so in reality it's HERS untill I give her the $$$ for it!!!:lol: But I just LOVE the way it looks against denim and thinking if I should just talk her out of it!!!:graucho:
  6. ^You're so naughty!:graucho:

    But I don't blame you ... I love my spy too!
  7. Keep it Irene! That's Cognac, BTW, no?
    The leather looks so chewy, like a giant chocolate caramel gooey nugget. Keep it, oh my Spy Queen, keep it!!
  8. Yes, Deco! It is cognac!!! And yes, the leather does look and feel scrumptious!!! OK, I will take it out tomorrow and see how I like it!:graucho: :wlae:
  9. It's gorgeous...I think you should keep it!:yes:
  10. LOL I thought the same way when I got the LV Cabas Charms for my mom. That was a hard one to hand over! LOL LOL

    But give it to your sis and drop a hint that if she ever gets sick of it, you will buy it from her.
  11. You've already got an army of spies Irene !

    But it is gorgeous ! :yes:
  12. :drool::drool:

    However ,, since u have ur own hologram Spy .. i say give it to ur SIL :smile: JMHO
  13. I love it! I think you should hang on to it and give me the Hologram! :lol: Seriously, that's so difficult!!! I love how different the cognac is. I would try to get one myself and buy my SIL one too. Good luck! She's gorgeous!
  14. Keep it! It's beautiful!
  15. Definitely a keeper! Stunning Spy:love: