Just got this PANDA Tote on eBay!! Can't wait til it comes!

  1. Hi all! I'm relatively new here, and I spend most of my time over at the LV subforum, but I also adore Lesportsac... I'm a sucker for all things cute, and I've been ogling at the Panda stuff whenever it pops up on eBay from time to time, and finally found the perfect cute tote! I can't wait til it comes! (Plus, I can put the makeup bag in my work purses and have some happy pandas to look at at work :smile:).

  2. Such a cute ziptop shopper! Well, it's Japan Exclusive AFAIK, so congrats! Beautiful, cute and cuddly!
  3. Yeah, it was Japan/Hawaii exclusive I think, and when I went to Hawaii, couldn't find it... so I'm so glad I could get it online!
  4. i've seen it at our outlets and waikiki stores. xD not at ala moana though..they switch out things fast.
  5. Hey it's something non-toki from Lesportsac that I kinda like!! :p I was eyeing one on a girl walking in front of me yesterday. I didn't know it was Japan exclusive!
  6. I:heart:the pandas print. It's adorable. :yes:
  7. Cute print!
  8. Aww.. that's adorable !
  9. My mom and I love pandas so I wind up buying her a tote and myself a cosmetic with that print. ^_^

    Congrats and I hope you enjoy it.
  10. This is the only non-Toki LeSportsac that I like... and I think it's adorable.
  11. It's so cute!!!!!!! I have not seen this before. What's the name of the print??
  12. LOL very cute!! I'm still itching to get a panda tote. I was THIS close to buying one at the outlet the other day but I stopped myself in time :lol: I still want one.. its so cute! Congrats!

    Dont know the name of the print :shrugs: I just call it the "Panda Print" :tup:
  13. i want the makeup case thingy! :biggrin: the rounded one.
  14. LOL yeahhh I wanted the smaller cosmetic-type pouches but even we dont have those anymore :sad:
  15. yeah we do. probably waikiki. xD