Just got this one,what do you guys think?

  1. beautiful, I love the hardwear.
  2. I've never seen one like the IRL- very pretty!! Congrats. I have that seller on my watch list. Love their stuff!
  3. The leather looks gorgeous, and it's definitely unique!
  4. love it!
  5. I really like it! Not something I would usually choose but it looks so good on the model.
  6. Thank all of you! I've never seen it IRL either and will find out how it looks soon:smile:
  7. nice color. :yes:
  8. Very pretty- Congrats!
  9. Beautiful Color! Congrats!!
  10. Thanks!!:smile:
  11. I have had my eye on that bag!! :yes: I'm also watching one in the "wave" hobo shape in that same color!

    I've talked to that seller frequently, they're very nice, and their bags are authentic. Their website does mention if they're selling an "imitation", they'd let you know, too, which is a little weird, but from what I saw they only had authentic bags available.

    Great buy! LOVE IT!
  12. yeah, I saw that one too... almost regret for getting this one since that one has a better price. But that one might be too big to me since I'm very petite.
    Both of them are very cute:heart: