Just Got this In the Mail Chanel Trunk SHOW NM/SHORT HILLS

  1. Just got an invitation to the trunk show at Chanel NM Short Hills, NJ (ready to wear and handbags). If anyone is interested it is Sept 10th and 11th. Not sure if I can get there, but thought pfers who live in the area might want to ;).
  2. Oooooh!
  3. Thanks you!
  4. hey, who is going? we should try to do a meet up! I got my invite a few weeks ago...we can raid the closet!
  5. is the trunk show still for fall and winter?
  6. I wouldn't go on Sept 11th ... but I would go on the 10th if DH does not mind.
  7. The 10th is a Monday. I am down for whatever. Let's try to organize a meet up. I am sure we have seen most of the bags at the trunk show but it may be fun. I am not sure I can escape work on the 11th-I have events to participate in or attend.
  8. Too bad can't go. First day of kindergarten :smile:
  9. Whoever is going, Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee take photos! :tender: TIA! :heart:
  10. The Short Hills NJ Chanel store is the one I shop at. I wish I could make it but those dates don't work for me. I would also like to know what they will be showing. Maybe I'll call the store and ask.
  11. I wanna try to go, what do we have to do??