Just got this email....there is no way this can be legit right?

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  1. I joined this same program back in November 1985. It has been the
    absolute greatest savings program I have ever witnessed! I picked up
    their sampler and the savings have been out of this world on
    practically everything I buy from milk to high tech electronics!

    [original message]
    As amazing as it may sound many people do not realize how easy it is
    to LEGALLY stop paying for their groceries! This is how the one hour
    television show began for the company whose website is at:
    http://programsofamerica.com I thought it was very interesting and
    decided to check it out. I am very skeptical by nature so the first
    thing I did was check out the company. I contacted the Better
    Business Bureau and found that the company has had no complaints
    lodged against them, I also contacted Paypal who has verified this
    company. They told me that they verified the company's licenses, bank
    accounts and other paperwork indicating to them that the company is
    legitimate. Then I started asking co-workers and friends about this
    program and to my surprise 6 out of the 10 people that I spoke with
    were already using this program. They told me how pleased they were
    with it and how much money they had saved and are currently saving.
    So I decided to sign up for this program on 6/23/06. On 6/30/06 I
    received my complete membership package and the fun began. Using
    their program and the free lifetime membership that it includes I
    went to the supermarket ready to make a killing. The cashier rang up
    my grocery bill and it came out to $239.87 then I presented her with
    the coupons I received from this program and I saved $223.38 - my
    final bill was only $16.49! The cashier wasn't the only one shocked.
    This program has changed my life!!!
  2. I actually saw something similar to this last year on Dateline. It had to do with how if you wisely clip your coupons, etc how you can buy $200+ worth of groceries for very little money.

    When we lived in the states, we did a lot of this. Buying stuff that was on sale, and then using coupons. We also created a fake email account, and signed up for a ton of websites whose products we used - and they sent us coupons, etc.
  3. i actually witnessed this in line last week. the lady bought 100+ dollars worth of groceries and after a few minutes of handing coupons to the cashier and using the store discounts she only paid 23.77!! i could NOT believe my eyes. made me look at those 75 cents off ads MUCH differently.

    hubby says when he was a kid, his mom spent tuesdays making the grocery list according to what coupons she had. it took like two hours, but after she was done she could feed a family of five for a week on about 30 bucks. :nuts:
  4. Do these coupons have an expiration date? WHich one did you buy, is it the button on the bottom of the page? I don't shop much but BF does.
  5. whoa... I would like to know more about this too. Although I would probably be too lazy to actually do it. =P
  6. Does anyone done this or have experience with this program?

  7. I am currently doing this because 1 I want more coach bags and 2 why give people money if you can save it. I save an average of $100 a week in grocerys:smile: I go through the sunday paper and my local grocery store paper. Most of the time the stuff they have on sale, I have coupons for. Also when there are buy 1 get one free and you use it...GET IT!!! you save a lot. Online coupons are also great. I go to Publix near my house and there a high end food market,, but always have great stuff on sale. I dont buy things full price unless its meat, chicken or dairy because its always onsale somewhere else or will be on sale the next week:smile:

    Its a great hobby and you would be amazed on how much you save:P
  8. Is this website legit?? I hope so because I would like to be a member:smile:
  9. The website reminds me of a scam, especially with the unsolicited email to you. I'd stay away... it looks like you need to request a coupon from the manufacturer itself, and you would need to buy envelopes, stamps, etc.

    You can save that much on groceries though. I clip coupons and print them from online for free. I'm not as hardcore as the lady that paid only $22.77, but the coupons definitely help.


    Also sign up for actual sites with a gmail address so it's easy to sort through them.... ex: Gerber just gave us $9 worth of coupons.
  10. i saw something like that on a show once
  11. I posted about "The Grocery Game" before and if I were in the US, I'd give it a try.

  12. i think i would be a little bit embarassed to go to Lucky's or Safeway with so many coupons....everytime i'm at the register i always have at least 2 people behind me...i dont want them thinking i'm broke or anything...but i would love to save $$$$$--so if i did go through with something like this, i would go early in the morning, to avoid stares!!:yes:
  13. Duplicate post.Please use the search feature to look up the old thread on this.
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