Just got this! Dual Purpose

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  1. Cute! Keep it
  2. Very cute! I say you should keep it too
  3. Very cute ...congrats ..keep it !!!
  4. KEEP IT!!! It's ADORABLE!!!:love: Plus, by the end of the year it will prob. double in price!!!:rant:
  5. I like it keep it.
  6. very cute!
  7. I posted in the other thread. I like it. I say keep it!
  8. Definatley keep it!
  9. very cute! keep it for sure!
  10. Cute! What do you mean by saying that you bought it for picnics? Is it just your summer bag?
  11. Very cute, keep it!
  12. it's a bit small for everyday use IMO, but I tend to pack everything in my bag :p

    GO with your gut feeling, what made you decide to bring it home in the first place? that's gotta say something about you love it enough to bring it home. :cool:
  13. Definitely a keeper !
  14. Keep!! It's so cute. Congrats and enjoy!!