Just got this cute clutch/wristlet

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  1. It's faux leather but looks so much nicer in person ... The best thing is that I only paid $5.99

  2. That's very cute!!! I love the color. Where did you get it from?
  3. it is cute and i like the color.. :tup:
  4. What a deal! Sometimes the cutest bags aren't made of leather. This one is a keeper.
  5. I got it from AJ Wright (it's a store owned my TJMaxx company)...it's a lower end Marshalls.
  6. Very cute. I don't carry clutches often, but I think wristlets are so handy. I keep my driver's license and credit card in a wristlet inside my larger bag. When I have a short errand to run, I just grab the wristlet -- and your find is so cute.
  7. Its gorgeous and a steal! :tup:
    It looks so much like the MBMJ clutch and jimmy choo's. But at 1% of the price tag though. LOL. :graucho:
  8. Super cute. Amazing deal. Congrats!