Just got this and would love your feedback!

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  1. I am not usually a huge Marc by Marc fan (I prefer MJ, Chanel and Dior handbags), but I'm always on the lookout for a classic bag at a great price. I saw this on the MJ website last month and have been stalking it ever since. It's from the final part of the spring collection and it was just posted at Nordie's yesterday. I got it in the cream color for summer. I love the azalea, but it just seemed a tad too "young" for this 50-year-old. It was only $300 and I think it's a knockout...no hurt feelings if you disagree!

  2. I like it, very simple year round tote. I love that color! Use her in good health!
  3. Love the bag! You could have done the azalea, but the cream is a perfect addition for anytime. You got a great deal also. Congrats!
  4. I love it, very simple & classic
  5. I like it also! But even better I like this style with this print:

    'Miss Marc as a Stewardess' Tote Bag - soooo cute - but I guess not everyone's style.

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  6. I think most of us think Marc by Marc Jacobs bags are WONDERFUL for the price. They are well designed, have great materials and truly awesome prices. I don't think you can go wrong with them.

    The tote is nice - I'm sure you'll be surprised how much you love it!
  7. I like how it's simple and that it's very versatile. The cream's pretty, but i bet you could have rocked the azalea one...maybe you could get both :P
  8. I like it, it'll be a great everyday bag and at such a great price.
  9. great choice. simple shape, clean lines. it definitely goes with your classic taste. congrats!
  10. Great everyday bag! Definitely classic. Congrats!
  11. I think you did great! Classic & perfect for any season. Congrats!
  12. Thank you so much for all the positive input, ladies! Now I'm really looking forward to the UPS man's arrival, LOL! I hope someone from here will snag the azalea; that is an amazing color...not too pink, not too bright, just really pretty.
  13. ^^ITA - I think the coloring of the bags by MbyMJ and MJ are very yummy. Before my MJ addiction, you would never had caught me straying from tan/brown/cream, but once I got in to the MJ reds,greens, purples and blues, it's been so much fun. -- And I work in a very conservative work environment where pants weren't allowed when I first started! - (anyone out there remember those those LONG ago days! -- gives you an idea of my age+++!)
  14. It's a great tote. Simple, clean lines. Enjoy!

    You may have just found my Mother's Day gift! :smile: Thanks. :smile:
  15. I really like it! Great choice!