Just got these...what do you think honest opinions appreciated!

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  1. Not having regular acess to any CL stores or retailers (Louboutin is only sold in the 2 Paris shop's and has a small selection in Saint Tropez in France) I have to rely on a well known auctionsite :sad:.

    I saw a lot of these on there probably the style was not very popular but decided to take a chance.
    And I must say I like them am not shure if they won't hurt a bid after a while but just parading in front of the mirror is fine. What do you think?

    Sorry just saw that nailpolish was chipped grhhh, hate that.

  2. wow i really like those!
  3. It looks very good on you:smile: Love them.
  4. they look great !!... I picked those up last spring, wore them all summer, love them !
  5. They're gorgeous!!!
    Great choice! :love:
  6. They're pretty, and look great on you! :drool:
  7. I love the activa. They look great on you, they are keepers! Enjoy and wear them well!
  8. I like them on you, they look really great!
  9. Those are gorgeous!!!! absolutelly beautiful!
    i saw an eBay seller with the orange ones, just like those... breathtaking!
  10. They look beautiful on you!
  11. Gorgeous! Great pick!
  12. how are they in terms of size? tts? +1?
  13. I wonder if they are comfy, for me they didn't feel comfy.
  14. If you want a male opinion here it is. I think they look great and very sexy ;)
  15. Thanks everybody:shame:. I think this is the kind of shoe that is nicer on the foot than on studiopics. I thought it would be maybe a bid grannylike but not at all.
    sara999 I think I am a true 38.5 and got these in 39 so half a size up
    kamilla850 I don't know they feel fine and are rather easy to walk in but I think they might start hurting at the sides after a while (outer strap) but I have time to "warm" them until I will actually be able to wear them outside. (It's way to cold now)