Just got these PRECIOUS little things yesterday!

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  1. LOVE the shoulder bag style and how roomy the BELLA BELLA is!

    And the Denaros are just so darn CUTE!! The placements are not the best in the world, but hey, I feel lucky to have found them at all (and discounted!):yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. ooo puurdy... how much is the bella bella again?
  3. Retail, you mean? I think retail was $148, but they're 50% OFF now...:yes:
  4. congrats!
  5. Yay congrats!!
  6. Cute Denaros. I really want an Inferno Denaro to carry in my Paradiso bags and a Paradiso Denaro to carry in my Inferno bags....

    The stores here get Portas but never Denaros.
  7. I love how the flower looking at his reflection in the Paradiso Denaro is centered! Too cute!
  8. CUTE! Where did you get them?
  9. they are so PRECIOUS. the denaros have nice placements. did you get them from the lss outlet?
  10. O:huh::huh:O very cute! I really like your inferno denaro...that lil boy smiling just makes me happy lol.
  11. Very very nice!! Love all of them, especially the paradiso denaro.
    Did you get them from SH outlet?
  12. I KNOW! Isn't that adorable?

    From the Southampton Outlet:yes:

  13. Congrats!! :dothewave::dothewave: I :heart: your denaros I think they're both totally adorable!! The flower looking at its reflection is my absolute favorite on the paradiso! :love:
  14. Thanks! You're right. That red rose looking at its reflection is just DARLING!:love:
  15. I am tempted to get denaros too but I never really use them .. have too many things to carry in my wallet. But, if I just collect them, are they worth it? I saw a TDF Paradiso denaro on a girl a few days ago and it's just too tempting!

    Love your new additions LVixen!