just got these on impulse...wondering what my other options are...

  1. hey guys - i'm in search of a new pair of sunglasses and totally fell in love with these chanel beauties at Nordstrom last night. i got them in black with silver hardware (stole the bottom image from google images). now im having second thoughts because the silver hardware on em don't exactly match all the gold hardware on my bags. do these (6014) come in black with gold hardware?

  2. Nope there are 4 colors
    Black w/ Silver
    Dark Brown w/ Silver
    Light Brown w/ Gold
    Mustard Green w/ Gold
  3. ya, they don't come in black w/ gold HW...i was totally looking for that color combo a while back!

    Why don't you get the brown w/ gold instead? they are gorgeous and super versatile IMO!
  4. i have those in black w/ silver hardware, lovely glasses, and it actually goes pretty well with some of my gold jewelry:smile:
  5. These are my fav sunnies! I own them in brown/gold and black/silver. All of my black bags have silver h/w which is the reason I purchased the black/silver combo. I wear the brown/gold with my Cloudy Bundle tote and dark brown Cerf tote which have copper/gold h/w.
  6. i love these!