Just got these and I LOVE them...but are they worth the price????

  1. Ok, I spent the last three days searching for a GOOD pair of black ballet flats. So, I went to almost EVERY store around here that sells shoes and NONE of the ones that I tried fit. I've never had that problem before!!!! I thought it was some sort of a curse!

    Well, none of the shoes fit except the two that I bought. The first pair (link below) is by BCBGMaxAzria. I got them in black. They are the MOST comfortable and prettiest flats I have ever tried on!!!! The leather is unbelievable!!!! SOOOO soft! and they fit like a glove...lol! BUT they are pricey (at least for me)...$195 + tax. Are they worth it???? I mean, I do love them but does anyone know about their quality???? Are BCBG's shoes durable???

    BCBG Max Azria - Woven Ballet Flats - Saks.com

    The second pair (will attach a pic later) is by Calvin Klein. They're silver flats with a flower in the front. They are VERY pretty!!!! And I love that shade of silver!

    I want to know your opinions about the first pair!!!! Thank you!
  2. First congrats with your new shoes.

    I think shoes are worth it if they feel comfortable and you love them, and I think you do.

    I'm european so no knowledge about BCBG but I think those flats are hot!

    I bought some white Chanels flats for € 275, 2 months ago, they already look pretty worn. I guess it's how often you wear them, and if you take care of them. Personally I don't mind I enjoy wearing them so they are worth it, for me.
  3. LOVe the BCBG flats!
  4. You could have a cobbler add a rubber sole if you do alot of walking on pavement. They're cute shoes. It really depends on your personal budget if they are too much or not, but I would consider cost per a wear - which can be low when its something you love and use alot. You can also try Ebay to see if any sellers are selling them for less, sometimes even current season shoes show up for less.
  5. I would do the rubber sole if you intend to wear them a lot
  6. I love BCBG! I think that cute flats is worth the price!
  7. If you can afford them, keep 'em.

    I have a pair of BCBG stilettos that I absolutely adore! They're comfy (relatively speaking :P) and of very good quality.