Just got the YSL Y-MAIL Long Snap Wallet

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  1. Finally a chance to join this forum....my new Y-Mail wallet.
    I haven't seen this style posted before but she is very compact and organized. I just couldn't resist. There is a open compartment from the top for larger papers too....very happy with this wallet. :heart::heart: now for the YSL bag...choices choices what to get???!!

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  2. Very pretty, congrats. What are the dimensions of this wallet?
  3. Cute! I didn't even know it existed with the interior zip pouch, so it's definitely not one we've seen yet on the board. Congrats on the purchase, enjoy it!
  4. YAY a new style! The interior pocket is nice - where do the dollars go though?

    I love this new y-mail line!!! (especially the wallets)

    I like how this design (as well as the long zip) could be used as a grab-and-go clutch too!!

    p.s. I hope you don't mind me asking how much this was? My French y-mail wallet was $495, so I just wanted to compare. :flowers:
  5. Congrats on your new Y-Mail....I love mine too....
  6. Beautiful. I think I need to make another visit
  7. Gorgeous! Just wondering, from where did you find this?! I though all of the black ones were sold out.. Is it only the YSL boutiques that carry the wallets for the y-mail collection?
  8. Hi all! I took some photos next to my Balenciaga wallet to compare the size.... IT fits in alot, and the money canbe place on either side of the coin section under the card section and under the coin section.
    This wallet would be great when you need a few currencies and need to keep them apart. I did not put the notes in properly as I wanted to show where the notes can be kept. I have not used it yet,she is too pretty. I will keep using my Balenciaga one for the time being until I get abit tired of her. hahah

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  9. Danyell - I got mine from Cultstatus in Perth since we do not have a YSL store here. They some other styles too so I think that it is not a YSL boutique exclusive.
  10. This wallet will work very well for me!!!!!!

    Love it!
  11. Thank you for the extra photos! The way the interior is mapped out in this version is very cool. I love that these new Y-Mail wallets work so well as clutches too.
  12. Love the wallet! I've been looking for a new one lately.. what is the retail price on this if I may ask?? Thanks in advance!!
  13. ^^I think they're $500.'ish IF you can find one. I pre-ordered mine and was told it was good I did since they sold out.
  14. I love it:biggrin:
  15. water_daisy - I purchased this wallet based ON YOUR PHOTOS! lol - I just loved the way the interior is mapped out. So tell us, have you used it yet? I want an update!!! :heart:

    I saw a woman at Whole Foods yesterday with a gold long zip wallet and she looked so chic. :heart: