Just got the test results back, and I have PCOS...

  1. My DH and I have been trying to get pregnant for a little while now... I've always been irregular (why I went on the pill to begin with back in high school)... and I'm now almost 3 months w/out a period. So I went to my dr (I had seen a thread on here about PCOS... and it got me a little scared)... she mentioned that maybe she should do a test for PCOS, but didn't really think it was worth it. (HUH????? :cursing: ) Because the treatement for PCOS was to go on the pill to regulate your periods and then go off it to become pregnant, which is what I'd done... so she didn't see any merit in giving me the test.

    I was floored and said, GIVE ME THE TEST--- I NEED TO KNOW! I mean come on? Am I alone in thinking that it is better to KNOW even if there isn't anything you can technically do about it yet? She said we had to try for a year unsucessfully before I could try fertility options (frustating!).

    Anyway, I got the test results back on Saturday in a letter in the mail. Talk about a slap in the face, since she had assured me if the tests were bad that she'd call and leave a message and if they were good they'd mail the results. She wrote that she couldn't get ahold of me or whatever and that was why she was MAILING the bad results. Then she writes that as we discussed there was nothing to do and to come back if we aren't pregnant after a year.

    I just feel so empty inside... I mean... first off, not great service by the Dr... and second off, what if we never get pregnant? What if ... I don't know... I better end this now I"m getting upset and am at work.

    (one side note since this is the PURSE forum... when my husband found out the results he was so suportive and we went to LV to get a new purse to help take my mind of matters... and cheer me up...) The reasoning was awful though... we'd been saving for a baby and it looks like that won't happen for a while if at all... so I could use the money for the purse. So in one sense I was happy :yahoo: but in another... devastated. :sad:
  2. Ok I forgot to write, that I really appreciate this forum and the supportive community it is... I would just love some support now, as I can't really share these results with many people here (they didn't know we were even trying to get pregnant)... and am feeling kind of alone...

    Thank you!
  3. You poor thing. But if it makes you feel any better.... I know a lot of people and I do not know ANYONE who has never been able to get pregnant eventually. I have known people who have tried for years (some as long as ten) before it finally happened.

    Two seperate people finally "gave up" on the notion of pregnancy because after years (one 5, and the other 3) that they decided to adopt. One already adopted, the other was in the process, when they, themselves, became pregnant. I honestly believe that sometimes stress is the main factor in the difficulty in getting pregnant.

    I know it's easier said than done but RELAX and it will happen for you too!!

    Then you'll be on the board asking for advice on newborns.:graucho:

    Until then, I will keep you in my prayers! You have lots of support here on the PF!!
  4. I'm so sorry that you received this upsetting news. The doctor definitely could have handled it with more compassion.

    I'm hoping that someday you and DH are able to have children. In the meantime, let yourself feel sad for the time it takes. Your hubby sounds sweet--cheer up with a new bag.

    Best wishes. You will find a lot of support here.:heart:
  5. The doctor couldn't leave you a message to call her? sheesh!
    I'm sorry you are going through this, its obviously not the news you'd hoped for, but try to stay positive and don't give up. I'm sure it'll happen for you, just give yourself some time, try to relax and not stress too much. *big hugs*
  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I'm not sure if this is what my friend in high school's sister had or not. This was 25 years ago, and she only had like one period a year or something. She now has three almost grown children.

    Sorry your doctor is not more understanding and just mailed you the results. Maybe try to find a different doctor that's a better fit. Keep us posted on how you're doing. {{{hugs}}}
  7. I am sorry that you got the test results with that bad news! It wasn't really professional of her to do in that way! I am sorry, I think you first need to relax, and not pressure yourself too much. I bet the minute you are not thinking about getting pregant that is when you are going to conceive. I think you need to let all your emotinos out, so you can start a new chapter in your life! I wish you all the best, and have faith, you will have your baby!
  8. I'm really sorry to hear that. 12 years ago I was told that I wouldn't get pregnant without a lot of treatment and then 3 months later I got pregnant with my first. My doctor scratched his head and asked me how I had done that and I have two now. Just remember that miracles happen every day.
  9. Thank you so much everyone... your positive thoughts and comments really make a difference. I know my next step is to step up my nutrition/weight loss program... I already was on one for pregnancy, but now it's crucial.

    I like hearing that there are stories out there of people who conceived despite PCOS or other fertility problems.

    Thank you so much for having me in your thoughts... it means the world to me!
  10. I'm so sorry aldavis7. Prayers lifted from Texas.
  11. You poor thing :heart: This may sound drastic, but if your doctor dismisses your feelings and your wishes, then maybe it's time for you to find a new doctor.

    If you want the test for PCOS, then they should give you the test for PCOS. Not question what you think is going on with your body.

    And to say that she couldn't reach you??? BS. She should have called until she could reach you. Nobody wants to receive bad news through the mail.
  12. So sorry you are having a hard time. Does not sound like a very responsive DR....I would def. change....

    But besides that, I do agree stress is a killer....I have 3 boys, no problem getting pregnant with the first 2, but then we tried for over a year and a half for number 3....I was working a very stressful job... I quit the stressfull job, and after starting a new job, figured wasn't the best time to get pregnant, new job and all...and thinking it wasn't meant to be, we decided to stop trying....was waiting for my period to start pills again...and guess you can figure it out...I was pregnant!

    Hang in there...and vent to us anytime :smile:
  13. aldavis7 vbmenu_register("postmenu_1113495", true); ...i have a few questions...you say that you got the results and you were told you have PCOS...but were you given a sonogram on your 5 or 6 day from the start of your period??? they check to see if u have any cysts growing and it must be done on the 5th or 6th day...also...have u had a glucose tolerance test done?? your doctor is horrible ..i would see a new doctor!!
  14. I think maybe you need to get a new doc...communication is too important, and it sounds like she really brushed you off. Do you have that option?

    I have borderline PCOS, and had my first of three ovarian surgeries at 21. I didn't think I could get pregnant - I went for several years in my late 20s without using birth control, and it didn't happen, and my doc said we might have to talk about infertility treatment. I waited a while on that...and lo and behold, when I least expected it...surprise! My son was truly a gift, he was my one and only pregnancy, but it's one more than I ever thought I'd have. It's definitely not impossible.

    Also, hang in there with the weight loss plan! With PCOS it can really be hard work, but losing weight can actually help keep your ovaries from going polycystic. Please feel free to PM me anytime if you want someone to talk to. You're not alone.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that, and like everyone else...just hang in there! My hubby and I have been trying since last July with no luck so far. I wish both of us luck!