Just got the Spring catalogue, is this bag TDF or what?

  1. scan0003 (Small).jpg
  2. Oh my :girlsigh:
  3. I think they had this bag in the purse blog not that long ago. I love it because it looks so soft but then on the other hand it looks so huge for a clutch?
  4. ^^^^^^

    Oversized clutches are so huge for this year plus this has a shoulder strap! I didnt see it on the blog, will look now! Tks!
  5. Errr, is that a bag or a pillowcase? :confused1:
  6. the more I see it, the more I love this bag and that colour too!
  7. That was my thought initially, that it looked like a giant baguette pillow. The color is nice and neutral though. I'd like to see it with a strap if it's that big, I think. Not my initial cup of tea. Maybe it'll grow on me or more pics may convince me otherwise.
  8. Wow! New pillow cases....Fendi Style:yahoo:

    OOOOPs! Is that a handbag? :wtf:
  9. It does look like she is hugging a pillow.

    I got this catalogue to, when last up in London, love the new Fendi "bird cage" shoes.....
  10. I also would like to see pics of this bag in action then maybe I'll change my mind.
  11. I am just hoping that it has a shoulder strap but I love huge clutches anyway! Mind you I am buying the cream in the LV Matisse so I think that may win out in the end!
  12. I think you have to hug it that way since you can't hold it any other way. I like it, but it's not practical. A little smaller would be better.
  13. ^^^^^^

    Yes I am beginning to think it is just too big but would love to see what it looks like on the shoulder if it does have a strap that is.
  14. Oh my.
  15. Hello,

    I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Here's a bigger pic of it from the Fendi website. best wishes!

    p.s. I was wondering....does the Fendi tPF have a section/thread for pics of Fendi bags/items featured within magazines, catalogs, etc??? We have a section within Dior and it's a great resource...please feel free to view it - click here! I believe Chanel, Jimmy Choo and others have a specific thread for this purpose as well. I would love to see a Fendi main thread started for this purpose, but don't want to step on any toe's if one's already started and/or not needed since I am not a regular within the Fendi section. I have tons of magazine pics featuring Fendi bags I would love to post, but don't know where! And....I would love to see all of the pics within this new Fendi catalog (and any past catalogs) if at all possible! :flowers: