Just got the silver Miroir Papillon!!!!

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  1. :drool: OMG Beautiful, Congratulations!!
  2. I saw the Papillon and it's a HOT bag! the miroir line is much more beautiful In Real Life!

    Congrats again!:yahoo:
  3. wow! how sweet of you, congrats stefania!
  4. congrats! I love this bag!!!:love:
  5. LOL I feel like Santa...I cannot WAIT for her to see them!!!!

    ***faints*** :smile:
  6. aw thats so nice of you to help out another TPFer! I wonder who it is...
  7. ^ Hee hee she revealed herself on page 2:smile:
  8. I lov e it!!! I may actually be changing my mind about this line.
  9. What are the European prices for this line?
  10. lol... You guys are so funny and sweet...:crybaby:

    Congrats! Again!
  11. That's very kind of you, I hope lots of lovely LV will find their way to you in the future for thinking of others.:P
  12. wowwow, flashy and beautiful~congrats!!
  13. awwww thanks slayer!!
  14. It's really nice Couturegrl!!! the bag looks yummy!!!
  15. That's so sweet of you to buy one for her!

    NVM, just read the post. Congrats!