Just got the silver Miroir Papillon!!!!

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  1. Yaaaay!!! My SA called and I got the ONLY silver papillon in the state of Arizona!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:

    However, I bought it (along with the keychain/cles) for a very sweet TPF member who will give it a MUCH better home than I!!:graucho: :yes:

    Who is this mystery TPF member??? You will have to wait for her posts tofind out and see pics...I don't want to ruin the suprise for her...

    I must say though that it is STUNNING IRL!!!!!:heart:
  2. Awww you are so sweet! I can't wait to find out who this mystery PFer is and to see all the pics!
  3. That is so nice of you- I can't wait to see the bag!!
  4. ^I took pics for her...just waiting for my dad to help me upload them onto my laptop...hopefully she will share them as soon as she gets em:smile:
  5. Really nice of you!:smile: Can't wait to see it and she must be so excited!:yahoo:
  6. That is so sweet of you, lucky PFer!!
  7. ^I am so excited for her!!!

    The Miroir line IS GORGEOUS!!!

    LOL I almost got assaulted by 3 ladies in the LV boutique who wanted it!!! My SA wouldn't even let me take the papillon completely out of the bag to get a look at it bc she was afraid of creating a Miroir riot!! LOL
  8. Awwww, you're sooo kind:love: Wonder who that lucky gal is :sneaky:
  9. Congrats!:flowers:

    That was really sweet of you... Lucky mystery PFer...:P
  10. :roflmfao: heehee.. I can just imagine all the eyes of the ladies in the store pop wide open and everyone rushing over in a horde to get a glimpse of mirroir!

    Congrats on getting it and YAY for kind PFers like you who help out and are so generous to fellow PFers! :love:
  11. Yahoo! How nice of you :smile: sending you many purse karma points!
  12. Great! I do hope to see the pictures!
  13. That is so nice of you! Can't wait to see pics, it is a Gorgeous bag!
  14. LOL thanks guys...I'm not THAT generous though--she is paying me back for it:smile:

    LOL FREE miroirs for all!!!! :smile:
  15. Yay.. how sweet of you Nicole!! Can't wait to see pics!