Just got the Sephora BLOCKBUSTER palette!

  1. [​IMG]
    Sephora Blockbuster Palette at Sephora

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's not like those cheap drugstore palettes, as the makeup is all the Sephora brand which is decent. The eyeshadows have a very finely milled quality that reminds me of Stila.

    This thing is fantastic, I feel like I might never buy makeup again! I do wish the lipglosses (they are "Lipglosses" and "Lip Shines," I don't think any of them are true lipsticks) were bigger, as they seem like they might run out very quickly.

    The blush colors are all, shockingly, very wearable!

    For only $40, I think this is the steal of the year.
  2. Wow, that looks fabulous. That would make a great gift for my daughter.
  3. Wow! what a deal!
  4. Looks fabulous! I might have to buy one. :yes:
  5. How fun! What a good way to experiment with colors you might not ordinarily try. And you're right- the Sephora brand make-up is rather good quality. Thanks for alerting us to this cool thing:smile:
  6. Great deal!

    I considered buying this because I love palettes but I've always found that I don't use most of the colors even in a small palette (like only one lip gloss out of four) so I decided against it. Better to get the colors I want (even if I have to spend triple for 1/10 of the colors)!

    Have fun!
  7. Oh that looks sooo cool! I think I might buy too!
  8. I saw that in Allure and I want it so much. I've been stalking my local Sephora everyday waiting for it to come in. How big is the kit?
  9. It's a pretty decent size... large enough to be a good deal, I think... and definitely not small enough to be portable! The thing is pretty heavy in a very solid black case. I'm someone who never uses up eyeshadow, so I'll probably never get through the dozens of them in here. It's a great sampling of colors to experiment with.
  10. oh thanks for the heads up! i was thinking of getting the urban decay shadow set for 34 bucks. i might just go ahead and get this one instead! :nuts:

    question ladies, do you still shop online eventhough you have a sephora near you?
  11. Very cool!!
  12. Well, love that! Good holiday gift, too!
  13. What a great palette, congrats! Seems like fun!
  14. Wow it looks great, now i want one. lol
  15. omg...i want one now, i'm lovin all the fabulous colors.:yes:
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