Just got the reissue, got some questions!!

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  1. After some contemplation, I bought the reissue in black with silver chain, the small size it is I believe over the classic flap in lambskin, since I was thinking its too hard to maintain. I noticed that the leather at the sides and bottom parts are thinner with a harder texture compared to other parts of the bag, the bottom does not have a line down the middle like I saw in some of the pics posted in this forum, and it says made in Italy. Can anyone tell me if their reissues are like that?

    Also, I'm hoping I made the right choice for this bag. The sales people were saying that the reissue is more mature looking than the classic flap but I was thinking it was the other way around.
  2. I think it's the other way around... but really I think anyone at any age can pull of both bags. You got one of my HG bags! You're so lucky! I want one but in a medium or large size. I've seen both folded and flat bottom reissues... I don't know why that is. I think you made a good choice!
  3. If your reissue is a 225, then there is no line in the middle of the bottom. The 226 and 227 have the line in the middle. Reissues in black with silver in 225 are made in Italy. As for the SA's comment on maturity of reissue, there's no age limit. Both are classic. The reissue with silver, to me, is more trendy.
  4. Oh thanks for clearing that up, and how about the leather at the sides and bottom which aren't puffy, is it made like that so it keeps its shape?

    Regarding the folding at the bottom, is it designed like that, or just folded because it was stored in the dustbag that way?
  5. In terms of the age thing I don't think either one is more/less mature I think both styles are classic for a reason ;)

  6. See comments in blue.
  7. I would say the the flap bags are more classic and the reissue bags are more modern...just IMO...
  8. Funny this and I agree, although 2.55 has actually been around a lot longer!
  9. I totally agree!
  10. ^triple this! how strange that the older bag looks more modern! I guess that's the true test of a classic bag -that it really stands the test of time.
  11. yes, my reissue also has thinner, harder leather on the sides and along the bottom :yes:
    congrats on ur new bag! and i also think reissues look younger than classic
  12. I used the bag for the first time last night and I think it really suits my style. I was out at a bar and its really hard to keep an eye out for my bag at all times without seeming over protective of it, but I mean it is quite costly to me and I wanna keep it in good condition, now I noticed it smells of smoke and a bit scratched at the bottom. :sad:
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