Just got the Puzzle Quilting Accordion.. need opinion


May 21, 2008
Hi, everyone! I just received the puzzle quilting accordion bag in black patent today. I saw this bag online at the Chanel website and fell in love :heart: with it so I started calling and finally found one at NM. Honestly, I love the bag but when my husband saw it, he thinks it's 'ok'. I personally think it's a collector's piece and it's one of a kind. However, the only thing I don't like about the bag is the beige canvas lining which I thought for a bag of that price, you could expect something more luxurious.

Can anyone tell me if you have seen the bag in person and please give me an honest opinion if you think it's worth it. Thanks!!!! :smile:



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Love it - it's a keeper. I think it has a real quirky, rock 'n' roll sexiness and I think it's really important for black bags to be ultra special in the design, sahpe or tecture, since standard black bags can be really boring.

Yup - I think you did well!
I haven't seen one in person, but the pictures are all gorgeous- I'd definitely keep it- I wish I had the cash to snap one up if I saw it, but I'm now on a ban for a few months...
Do you mind me asking how much is the accordion?

I have the flap version in navy :drool: and I love it! The lining is in leather. Do you have a picture to show us what the lining is like?
Never seen it IRL, but I love the quilted puzzle piece pattern. very different and extremely cute. Maybe black canvas lining would have been better than tan, but you can't see it from the outside, and from what I see I love it!