Just got the outdoor (I think) bowler in dark brown


"H" is for horses?
Oct 10, 2006
Yes, I will post pics, the BF has my digital camera right now. I think that is what it is called. It is a tote style bag and is super soft dark chocolate brown leather and has squares but not quilting stitched all over it. It has two side zippered pockets and one of them has a large dangly CC charm with a circle around the CC's. The buckles, charm and zipper are silver. Anyone have a good/bad experience with this bag yet? I think it is fairly new and it was $1895 before tax. The one annoying yet hilarious thing about this bag is that my 5 pound Chihuahua BARKS at it and she NEVER barks at anything. She has probably barked maybe two times in her 1 1/2 year existance! Is this a bad omen??:shrugs: hahahaha
Ok, my SA told me it is not the "outdoor" line, but it is the "bowler' line from the Cruise collection....Does this make sense, I had never heard of this. Anyone know? :shrugs:
I posted these pics awhile back. It is one of these?

Here's the Large Round Bowling, Small Round Bowling.

$2150, $1895, respectively.
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