Just got the news.....

  1. in the mail.....an invitation to the new boutique!!!!

    Apparently there will be a leather engraver onsite for the opening straight from the Paris atelier!! What does a leather engraver do?? (I know what an engraver does, but a leather engraver?).....anyhow.....I'm getting all excited now.....I've got a new store!!:yahoo:
  2. I think they can engrave your initials on you bag etc....?
  3. Engrave leather ?
  4. That's so cool!!! Enjoy the opening!
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought, D......I've had silver engraved, and my wedding invitations, but leather????
  6. WOW! It would certainly be a fabulous evening with lots of Birkins and Kellys. You have to attend and bring back loads of photos to share with us.
  7. How fun that would be!! Have a great time and bring back pics!
  8. Lucky lady!

    You must go and you must share the experience with us. Pictures too if you can. Nice invite!
  9. This is so cool.
  10. Ooooh! I'm so jealous!! Have a wonderful time and please report back!
  11. Don't miss this, Kristie! It will be a night of beautiful things!
  12. That's going to be so much fun!! Please make sure you go..for all of us! :rolleyes:
  13. That's exciting! Have fun. Where is the new boutique going to be located?
  14. Wow, K! When, when, when?????

    ....sounds like a blast! You'll go and there on the shelves will be not one but TWO vert anis bags. One Kelly and One Birkin! Just waiting for you!!!!! Bring those cc's!!!!!!
  15. Waaah! I'm SOOOO jealous!! Congratulations on the invite, I would LOVE to go to an event like that!