just got the mini lin blue marina gm...questions...

  1. hey ya'll i don't really post because im at work and i need some help i just bought the new crruise collection monogram mini lin marina gm....


    and i noticed none of you tpfers have pics of one and no celebrities have it....i just wanted to know your feedback and opinions...i originally wanted the rouge but the last one sold out while i was comparing them in beverly hills on sat. ...what are your thoughts and suggestions..

    is it a keeper...or what else would you recommend....(nothing more than $1500 plesse)
    thanks ladies!!!!:love:
  2. It's a KEEPER! I adore it! Although i'd like to see it in pink also..I think it may pop a little more? I think though the blue is a great casual day bag and fabulous across the shoulders as a hands free. I'm dying to see modeling pics!!! :popcorn:
  3. I'd keep it! I love the marina in both colors I wish I could have one! I personally would choose the red, only because I don't have any bags with that sort of color...I hope you keep her! blue is great and I think she will be easier to wear and match with various outfits.
  4. I think it's a great bag! Congrats!

    I'm sure that we'll be seeing this around soon enough...
  5. i know i deceided for the pink but i have 2 pink dior bags i die for it but i need a black handbag...and i love the pink hands down but i was scared it was silly....but the blue isnt dreamy or to die for...or is it??
  6. It's awesome and it's gonna be even more so in the spring/summer. It will go with so much!
  7. I like the look of that one more than the PM.
  8. It is a TOTAL keeper!!!!

    Love it!!!! Congrats!!!
  9. keeper! I like the GM size and who cares if no celebrity has it?
  10. Definitely a KEEPER! Congrats!
  11. It's a keeper. I like the blue more because the pink was really bright for me. Blue was a lot calmer and neutral to go with more of my stuff. I have the PM and love it. The GM was really nice but I couldn't get 2.
  12. i have the rouge GM and love it.

    I wanted the black neo cabby as the styles are similar, but loved the colour of this more, so waited for the marina

    There are many people here that have this bag (PM or GM) but just don't post pics.

    But you shouldn't just buy a bag because celebs are carrying it though.

    If you truely like this bag, then keep it. If not, return it for something else
  13. I love it! I think it's a beautiful bag.
  14. thanks ladies you guys are really helpful....and the only reason i mentioned celebrities is because i see them carrying the cruise collections before the wait list even starts ...and since i dint notice anyone here with many pix so i assumed i must be dellusional ablout these bags...

    so i hope ya'll didn't misconstre what i meant too much!!!! :shrugs:

    btw i still haven't carried, or really decided but time is a tickinnnnnn
  15. I say its definitely a KEEPER. :tup:

    However, if your having second thoughts about it and think you probably won't carry it .... exchange it for something you really love.

    Good Luck! :flowers: