Just got the large black Madison Sabrina pilot bag

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  1. Congrats! It's a great bag--I might have to get another one come fall.:graucho:
  2. Welcome! I think I actually like the black the best. Enjoy.
  3. Wow!! Just....wow!! That is one gorgeous bag - congrats!
  4. ok i tihnk i just have to get one of these
  5. Holy crap I must have that bag! Beautiful!! Lucky you.
  6. #21 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Congrats on your new bag and welcome to the forum! :smile:
  7. Congrats and welcome!
  8. Excellent choice! :welcome2:
  9. I love it. I want one now! :smile:
  10. Thanks for posting the info on the other colors! That red Sabrina in the mag ad must be the Cherry! Also, Steel - that has to be a grey for sure - I know a bunch of people have been looking for grey bags lately.
  11. welcome to the forum! your new bag is beautiful. and your descriptions were great :smile:
  12. Gorgeous!!!! Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  13. I thought the Sabrina isn't supposed to come out until October. August would be great! I am DYING to have it in cherry! All of the pics posted are REALLY pretty. I still haven't gotten to see one Sabrina IRL:crybaby:
  14. It comes in steel? Is that a grey color?

    Congrats on the new bag! The black is GORGEOUS. Is the leather shimmery? It looks like it just sparkles!
  15. BEAUTIFUL bag!!