Just got the large black Madison Sabrina pilot bag

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  1. So, I am new on here, but have been carrying Coach for 15 yrs so, YAY, to find other fans. Anyways, I just purchased, well my husband did, the pilot Madison Sabrina bag in black and it is AMAZING! The black leather is sorta crinkled shiny...reminds me of Jimmy Choo's liquid leather...it's straight FABULOUS and worth every penny (well, maybe not exactly :smile: . I actually haven't been this excited about a purse since the Gucci Aviatrix which was a year ago. I'll post some pics up in a bit so maybe everyone can get a better glimpse. FYI-Dillards department stores are carrying the pilot bags, as well as some other pilot bags that are definitely going to be HARD TO GET. The Sabrinas just arrived and have almost sold out here for $600 each..I honestly cannot believe how expensive Coach has gotten. But, enough on the gloomy side, you dolls get your horses ready because Coach is coming out with some GORGEOUS bags.
  2. congrats. can't wait to see pics and welcome to the forum.
  3. :popcorn: Can't wait to see pictures of what is no doubt a GORGEOUS bag! And welcome!

  4. Welcome!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Gorgeous!!! I just posted a question about the style# of this bag. Is this the med size, and if it is, do you have the style#? Thanks.
  7. wow thats beautiful, and i think i have the same countertops too! lol
  8. I still love this bag. Should of bought one when it was at the boutique. It would of made a nice bag for fall.
  9. Gorgeous, congrats!
  10. WOW! I'm convinced more than ever that I need that bag. So pretty!
  11. This is the large 12949 (going off memory so I hope it's right..too tired to run upstairs and double check). I believe the new signature (because Coach changed the signature style) is 12947. I didn't realize that it was at the boutiques. When I called Coach they said that it was still in it's pilot stage (but "didn't" know what retail locations were running the pilots) and that it would hit national launch the last week of august coming in the following colors: cranberry, cherry, black, teal, steal. There is a smaller size that runs probably $498 or so (sorry, forgot to look). I'm serious, Dillards had several other styles of bags that were new pilot bags, I was just too overcome to look at what they were. I'll check when I go back and try and take some pics with my phone and get my teenager to show me how to post them online.
  12. It's beautiful. What a bag. Enjoy.
  13. Your bag is fabulous! Congrats!

    And they said it was coming in teal?!!! :nuts: I might have to get that!
  14. I would like to reiterate that the leather on these bags is unlike anything I've seen Coach ever do. It's a soft a subtle as a Chloe, and I'm talking about literally able to fall over your hands. It's completely different leather. They recommend not using lotion, only using water. There are tiny specks of additional leather within the leather, I can't really explain but if you can see one...get it!

  15. OMIGOSHHHHH thank u SO SO much for sharing this with us!! :yahoo:
    She is SO beautiful!