Just got the iPhone...

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  1. well I recently got the iphone I gave up the LG Voyager for it ehhh I loved the fact that I could text with a real keyboard etc now I have to learn all over again how to text on a touchscreen.. I like the iphone and all dont get me wrong I just feel a little regretfull of giving up the voyager idk! any tips lol maybe its just because i am moody my time of month lol:girlsigh:
  2. You get used to the keyboard. I have one and I love it
  3. what service do you have? and do you have a cute case for it?
  4. i personally love my lg voyager over the iphone especially since i mainly use it for txt. the browser on the iphone is pretty awesome tho. you should'a waited til june when the 3G version is coming out.
  5. I had my phone unlocked to work with tmobile so the 3G internet thing wouldnt be any good for me I guess since tmobile doesnt support that type of internet?

  6. i also like the voyagers full keyboard feature but it really aggrivated me when i would send a text message that was over 160 characters to a non verizon customer it would cut it out and not send the whole text to whoever..
  7. anyone else? lol
  8. So jealous! I want an Iphone, but I have TMobile

  9. i also have tmobile but my brother knows how to unlock the iphones he has done it for other people makes money on it i guess..