Just got the Decollete Paillete with my Saks EGC!

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  1. Okay, well actually my EGC paid for half...;)

    I'm totally in l:heart:ve! :nuts:

  2. I can see why!!
  3. Those are beautiful. Congrats.
  4. Wow! :drool:
  5. those are fabulous, really gorgeous. How about some modeling pics!!!
  6. :drool:
  7. Those are gorgeous!
  8. Thank you!!!!

    Modeling pix to come...

    Maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I'm beat from so much shopping!

  9. Very nice! Enjoy.
  10. Girl get that shoe on and give me a modeling pic LOL just kidding I can't wait to see them! May I ask the price! I think they would be perfect to dress up any outfit!
  11. Love them!!!!!!
    Do they fit like the patent Decolletes?
  12. Wow! What a great deal! At least the EGC paid for half of it! :smile:
  13. :love::love:
  14. :drool: Hurry up! I'm gonna throw popcorn if you take forever to post modeling pics! LOL
  15. Where's the modelling pics? :search: