Just got the CUTEST FORESTA & PARADISO bags...

  1. And I'm not even a fan of the Ciao Ciao and Gioco styles, but these are so darn kyooot!!

    I'll probably never use them, but they're lovely to gawk at!:girlsigh:
    Sayuri 088.jpg Sayuri 094.jpg Sayuri 003.jpg Sayuri 025.jpg
  2. congrats! great placement on both bags! u got sushi boy in the front and the pink-haired girl in the back!:rolleyes:
    and sandy! hehe
  3. THANK YOU!...I really love these bags...:heart:
  4. Oooh very pretty. I love how the Ciao Ciao shows so much print, but unfortunately, it's not a style I can use. But it is pretty to look at!:p
  5. Isn't that the truth? I don't know HOW the heck people carry the Ciao Ciao as an everyday bag...It's so AWKWARD!:confused1:
  6. Adorable Ciao Ciao!
  7. Wow, both are gorgeous with perfect placement! Congrats to you LVixen. About the Ciao Ciao...I myself is debating if I should get one in inferno too. It has all the characters that I want, but I doubt that I would be able to carry it that often.

  8. np..i agree..i don't think i'll get me a ciao ciao cuz it's not my style..but the foresta print is cute!
  9. omg I love both of your bags!! If I get a gioco, I definitely want mine to be in paradiso :yes: Congrats!!
  10. sooooo cute!
  11. great bags, nice placement...but you should really use them at lease once...it would be a shame not to share this tokidoki goodness with the world.
  12. Thank you Dancing Nancies, Ducky112, and Lucky Mango!

    Maybe I'll take them out one day, but not anytime soon...I just have way too many Tokis and not enough time...LOL
  13. cute gioco!
  14. cute bags! :tup: i love how you have sushi boy on your gioco....i totally missed him on my paradiso mm.
  15. very cute! does the gioco capture the whole print too?