just got the call-cotton club

  1. Still a novice here but I went to check Chanel on 57th in NYC 2 weeks ago in anticipation of the price hike and put my name down for the new cotton club in black and I got the call a few minutes ago that it came in. I'm not sure what the style name was but it was a pouchette-type size and shape for $795. This was not affected by the hike. I think this was replacing a style I did want to get but I'm not sure what that style was. I'm going today to check it out. I was set to buy a balenciaga day hobo this weekend but I'm so confused. I'm thinking this chanel bag is for going out and the balenciaga was for everyday use. wish me luck!
  2. Good luck and can't wait to hear all about it! That's great that your store already got them in!
  3. Good luck!:yahoo: