Just got the best deal I think I’ve ever gotten!

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  1. So my local resale boutique posted on Instagram that they’d gotten in a 6 key holder and 2 cles, a mono and an epi leather. I was only interested in the 6 key so I called to reserve and wound up being the first in line and got it! And when I got there while standing in the checkout line I was looking at their basket of wallets and ran across the DA cles that they hadn’t even mentioned on their insta. It was $20 and the key pouch was $49, I had a 10$ coupon. Score!
    The cles has cracking at the top so I’m guessing I won’t be able to replace the key ring (it’s missing completely.) and the 6 key has a tiny spot, pictured. Not really a crack so much as a little piece of canvas missing. Curious if I could get it reglazed, but at that price it doesn’t matter either way! Have a great weekend!

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  2. I love Style Encore! But the one near me is wise to LV and ends up overpricing preloved LV just because it’s LV, and people fall for it. They hype a lot of ugly LV bags and don’t take the time to research the names or anything. Wish my Style Encore had good finds like this!
  3. I was extremely surprised at their prices myself! I was on hold for a speedy 25 last week someone had sold them for $200 but it had cracks when I got there. :sad:
  4. Great find and great deal! Congrats and enjoy!!
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