Just got such a great deal!!!

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  1. :yahoo: The mailman just delivered the new brown Maria I ordered from Revolve, on sale from a list price of $485, down to $253. Special thanks to Wordbox, who was kind enough to list several sale sites a few days ago. It's a really nice bag for the price!
  2. Congratulations, Dallas, nearly half price!:yahoo::yahoo: Be sure to post pics to share:smile:
  3. Oh Dallas, you are going to love that Maria. Is it the Terraine Brown or Metallic brown? What a great bag this is in just the right size. Mine is one of my favorite bags.
  4. Dark metallic brown! I'm not big into metallic looks, but this is so subtle...almost just a sheen, rather than an actual bronze-colored leather. Glad to hear you all love your Marias; it's a great size and the braided single shoulder strap feels very comfortable.
  5. Congrats Dallas! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Wow what a great deal!
  7. yay! i can't wait to get mine - i got it with the first time buyer's code, so $177! i'm glad you love yours - now i'm really itching for mine!
  8. That is a steal! Pics, pics!
  9. Now THAT is a great deal. Congrats!

    I think getting a great price is half the fun of the hunt. WTG!
  10. omgod congrats! now let's see some pictures of your gorgeous bag :smile: