Just got shipping notification on....................................

  1. My Peanut Ines!! Late yesterday I was able to find one at Saks on sale! :yahoo::yahoo:I'm so excited - I had a few days off
    from work this week and have been seeking out some bags I'm in love with
    with my free time:heart:
  2. i saw that on Saks.com too. it was a great price. congrats on the steal. the peanut ines was one of the best fall 07 designs in my opinion. i hope to see pics soon. :smile:
  3. congrats - i know youve been looking for that bag for awhile :smile: post pictures when you get her!
  4. That's great news. I'm so glad you found it!!! Can't wait to see pictures :smile:
  5. Congrats!! You have really lucking out with your purse hunting lately! You gotta take pics with your latest stash!
  6. Congrats!! I love that bag! :love:
  7. Congrats! Those are great bags...
  8. Congrats - You deserve to enjoy with all your perserverance!!
  9. pix pix please when you get it!
  10. congrats!!! we will be bag twins! and we are searching for the same grey mayfair.
  11. YAY!! Can't wait for you to get it!!:tup: