Just got sent...

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  1. ...the Pomme d'Armour/Valentine's Day catalogue in the post. This is my first one I've received in the post and it all looks edible lol. Anyone else got it?
  2. Yep. It's very festive.
  3. I don´t have it yet, please post pics if you can!
  4. lucky you, i will never reach the status of getting those catalogue from LV :'(
  5. I don't have it yet....can't wait to see the nice pics!!
  6. Got it too :smile:
  7. Here's a couple of photos:
    PDA2.jpg PDA3.jpg PDA1.jpg
  8. Oooohhhhh I usually get these in the mail....hopefully one will be on its way!
  9. Gorgeous pics; thank you!
  10. I just mine today! Just looking at the pics makes me so satisfied already! So yummy! Now, I'm glad I got the Pomme Ludlow!
  11. Sigh, me neither Classic Chic. Thanks Georges for posting those pretty pics! :drool:
  12. :supacool: Thanks for sharing!
  13. I got it too, it's so glossy and fruity it almost looks edible. I love the scarf "Amour".
  14. Someone posted pics...I can't remember who...drat...they're good too.
  15. Thanks for the pictures! Beautiful!