Just got retin A today

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  1. Went to derm and she gave me a prescription and samples for Retin-A gel, I had heard that you should use it every other day so I asked her and she was like "ok, if you want." Anyway, that was odd, I have senstive skin so for all you who use retin A, should I start every 3rd day, every other day? Also, can I use a moisturizer with SPF, will it interfere with the product? I read somewhere you can't use moisutrizer with peptides, is that true? Do you exfoliate the dead skin that is sloughing? Any expriences, thanks.
  2. When I was using retin-a, I was told to stop using any products that had glycolic acid, because it would interfere with the medicine in retin-a. Basically, stop using other acne products and juse use normal cleaners and whatnot.
    As for skin peeling, I used the st. ives scrub often but I think that only exacerbated the situation. If u leave ur skin alone for a few weeks and not worry abt the reddness and peeling it'll heal and be better than ever.
    My only beef with this product is that over time ur skin adapts to it and it becomes useless. So I'm always left with more than half the tube, and the product does expire. I've had to stp using the product twice in the last 5 yrs, because it was getting ineffective.
  3. Have you thought about going to a different derm? I find it weird that your derm would give you Retin-A without instructing you on how to use it and without discussing potential side effects...especially since you have sensitive skin. Some people get super sun-sensitive with Retin-A and other break out for weeks before the skin calms down. Your questions should really be directed to your derm and your derm really should have better bedside manners and take the time out to listen to your questions/concerns.
  4. I agree. What strength did she start you on? Usually you do not use it every day to start - you need to gradually build up what your skin can tolerate or you will have redness and get frustrated and discontinue it. Don't. For really sensiive skin there is renova which is the same but is not as harsh. If you start with that you can move up to retinA. BTW - if your insurance does not cover it (and most don't) you can order it from Canada, which I have done for years. You don't have to worry about it being the authentic product, because it is.
    Your derm is not providing you with very good care.
  5. It's retin A micro .04%
    I guess I'll use it every other day and see. That's really bad news that it becomess ineffective though. I got it for blackheads, I don't really break out and no other product or mask prevents my pores from clogging and I've tried everything.
  6. It's important that you wait 20 - 30 minutes after washing your face before applying it, and to only use a pea-sized amount for your entire face. Your skin is much more likely to become irritated and red if you apply soon after washing. This is key... surprised your derm didn't mention this. This plus starting out every other night application at first will help your skin get used to it without irritaion. Agree that it sounds like your derm should have provided you w/ more info!

  7. Hi, what is your Canada link? I've seen sites from India but I never ordered it because they were alway OOS on which one I wanted. I went yesterday to a Med Spa that's inside my Derm office and I purchased a 20g tube for $60 and when I paid then she handed it to me I must have had a moment look of shock..then I just put in my purse BUT its freakin generic :mad:. It says Perrigo Tretinoin Cream...I need to google that but it just might make me more mad because it's probably online for like $19. Anyhow I'll try to stop complaining but the link it be much appreciated :flowers:
  8. I've been using Retin-A on and off for 10 years. I always use sunscreen. I have sensitive skin, but I feel like I've built up a tolerance. I can't remember well, but I think that I had a bit of redness and peeling when I first started using it. Don't forget your sunscreen! Retin-A makes you photosensitive.
  9. ^^This was my problem. Worked at first, then never worked as good again.
  10. I've been using it for the last 8 weeks. I have oily skin, breakouts on my chin, and sensitive cheeks. I have found that I use it three nights in a row (I dont apply it during the day, just before bed) then on the 4th night I use a heavy cream moisturizer. I use my Clarisonic every night to get rid of the peeling skin. At first my skin really peeled, and was itchy. Then it calmed down, is doing great, no more breakouts, and bonus it helps fine lines too! I use a light moisturizer over it each night as well. During the day I apply Hydroquinone to try and lighten some melasma and sun damage I have, and it doesnt interact with the Retin A I use at night. I also use the Micro .04%.
  11. Find another doctor. You should have been able to get these directions from your doctor and if she couldn't give you basic information, that is not good.
  12. ^ ITA. Did she tell you not to use it in the morning, only at night and to be sure to use suncreen or a moisturizer with a high SPF?

    FYI: You can get an instant or mail-in rebate for Retin-A, that can be used in conjunction with your insurance. Click here: http://www.retinamicro.com/ or you can get them from the doctor for an instant rebate.

  13. agree here.. one needs to know how to use this product and

    my experience is that you do need to use a sunblock with it...

    and also do not recommend any exfoliant , glycolic or anything

    that wouldbe irritating.. see how your skin reacts before mixing in

    other products...