Just got off the phone with 866....re: release dates`

  1. Ok, so why are release dates always SO far off? The person I spoke to today said that the Berkeley won't be released until probably the end of July. Also said the Neo Cabby won't be released until atleast then too! :tdown:

    Wasn't the Berkeley originally supposed to be released in May? Why so far off???

    Ok, rant over....carry on! :p
  2. Other people on this forum have said that they heard the Berkeley won't be released until NOV! It's insanity! I think there was a problem w/ Azur production, that's the only explanation I can think of!
  3. From their newsletter that I got this morning, the Noe Cabby is available on July 1st.
  4. I hope they come out befor then.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath! ;P My SA said that their store hasn't gotten any in....so I doubt it will be released in just a few days! :tdown:
  6. I think it's cuz LV's really overdoing everything this year. They're pushing for more sales by increasing the variety of bags to please different customers' tastes and at the same time THEY can't keep up with their own game...
  7. ^^^totally agree with CEC !!!
  8. my first heard 2 months ago was july 15th. so, they are actually delay about 2 weeks.

  9. A couple of weeks or so ago, my SA who had just come back from a training session at LV corporate offices in New York told me that the Berkeley will be released in November instead.

    Another SA (Leather Goods Mgr.) said that the Neo Cabby will be released late July.

    Yikes! So many discrepancies in launch dates! I suppose we'll all have to adopt a "we'll believe it when we see it" attitude. :nuts:
  10. :yes: ITA! sometimes i don't even believe things will be here until someone on the board says they got a call from their SA or actually bought one!

    it's so hard to wait though....
  11. This makes a lot of sense!
  12. ^^ totally agree with that :yes: i'll be patiently waiting for the neo cabby though :love:
  13. yup, i remember a thread started by JILL that it was going to be released november