Just Got Off The Phone w/LV in Miami

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  1. I feel so special. The SA knew I wanted the Armante Inclusion Bracelet and when the shipment came in this past Monday she held everything from the collection so that I can pick and choose what I wanted before it hit the shelves. I only wanted the bracelet but I thought it was so nice that she held everything so that I could have first dibs. I think I'ma cry, I feel so loved. :crybaby:

  2. Bal Habour??

    I love that store SA's are FAB
  3. wow you have an awesome SA. how cool.
  4. That's so sweet of her. Good to hear of someone receiving great service from LV. Hang onto that SA!
  5. Wow! That is wonderful!! :yahoo:
  6. Yes, the one in Bal Habour. This is my second time dealing with them (I live in MD and frequent the one in Northen VA) I am so happy about the service. I may send a Thank You note. :heart:

    Also, I didn't know the bracelets come in two sizes. She said this is something LV just started but the smaller size is mainly targeted to the Asian market. I'm thinking great, something else to make me feel fat. LOL.

  7. absolutely if your happy with their service you should let them know
  8. Spread the LVOE---- that was so nice of her---- make sure you send a thank you card ;)
  9. nice!
  10. Great!!:tup: I know how you feel cuz I also found this lovely SA recently. It makes a HUGE difference, doesn't it? Enjoy!!
  11. Great SAs really do make all the difference! Darn SAs can either make you feel like crap or make you feel like a millionaire!
  12. I'm glad that you found a SA that you love -- it does make all the difference.
  13. Naomi, you are so right about this! They really are the ones who shape the LV experience.
  14. Nice! :tup:
  15. Nice!
    Send the note. It is great to hear that good service is rewarded and appreciated.