Just Got New Patchwork Denim Wristlet

  1. I just got the cutest denim/indigo wristlet that matches the new patchwork/Indigo Ergo or tote, hobo or Satchel. It is very classy and just as nice as last years. It has a tiny jeans pocket with a silver circle like the ergo and the patches are just all beautiful. The have Denim C's silver and shiny blue and white dots and sort of turquise C's that shimmer. I am sure when you see it , you will all want the Denim Patchwork bags to match. No camera today, doggie in surgery. Maybe tomorrow...But, it is really adorable. Cannot wait to see my gold and khacki satchel which is on the way here...any day. I will have to switch to denim if it is this cute in Ergo or Satchel instead . TDF that print..no animal things that are not adorable...
  2. Aww that's great! I can't wait to see pics!
  3. ^^ same here ^^

    i hope your doggie's okay (don't you just love 'em?)
  4. I can't wait to see pix of both (once you get your satchel) Enjoy all your lovely purchases! Congrats! :smile:
  5. cant wait and i wanna see pictures when you get it....
  6. I would love to see a pic please
  7. Pics, pics!:rolleyes:
  8. Okay, ladies, doggie came through okay. Yea!!!! so good so far, and then there was this new box on the porch. The khackii satchel has indeed arrived. Now, let me tell you, this is going to be a very hard decision for the satchel is TDF..it is light ( a must for me) but I have her wrapped up on my coffee table stuffed for she is here 10 minutes and I am just admiring her. She is elegant elegant..The wristlet as I mentioned goes with the Ergo tote, hobo and this Satchel in indigo and there is of course a khacki wristlet to go with this bag. There will be a wallet and more..but they do not know all accessories as yet. The satchel has brown handles (see catolog that noshoepolish so nicely posted for us.This has brown and beige usual signature jacquard, down just the sides of the bag and the blue will have navy signature on the sides. The handles are brown with a turnlock and handles that although they measure about 17 inches will fit over the shoulder..maybe not with a coat but they fit or in your hand. There are beautiful patches of signature, gold, white and gold and white dot fabric, satin patterns, C's optic that is gold and brown from last years tote that came in blue and white and suede and several other shiny patterns . The zebra is not fuzzy and the leapord is flat also. no cow looks. The bottom is beige and do wish they had made that in brown, for the indigo has navy pebble on the bottom, Pebble cannot be cleaned just wiped with a damp cloth. Picture the picture but 1000 times more beautiful. The indigo must be gorgeous too. Now what do I do, buy the hobo or tote just to have both colors? See , hopeless already. Oh boy, are we all in trouble. Picture last years satchel but more beautiful. Indigo or Khacki. So darn classy. Since I cannot see it in the stores what to do, what to do...I have the wristlet and it would be much like that in the satchel pattern abd ergo collection. , but it has a suede purple patch that one of you does not like in the indigo. I forgot just who that is for now..Just winding down from worry about 16 year old doggie and hoping she makes it through the night so no Satchel pics today. Indigo or khaki, opinions please...????? Now I am confused as usual. You do know I still have 2 slim flaps decorating my table too that I keep trying on that hurt my back...lol....
  9. Sounds wonderful, can't wait to see pics and I am glad your doggie is doing well!
  10. First of all- glad your doggie is okay and hope it is a quick recovery.

    Second- congrats on the bag!
  11. Glad your doggie is ok! I saw the wristlet in the catalog and I must have one!!!!
  12. So glad the doggie is ok! Can't wait for pics of the denim - it sounds adorable!
  13. Can't wait to see pics!
  14. Doggie is okay but jumped on a chair and fell off so I freaked out. Taking her to check incision this morning. I will try to take pics as soon as i can with the wristlet for you all. I am still afraid of it in a big piece like the bag or the satchel for the transer to light clothes. Funny do not remember last years denim toe having that warning... at all..Thanks!!!!
  15. It is really cute. will take as soon as I can, running around with doggie...and taking care of her,,Thanks! It is really cute!!!