Just got new Giant Work B-Bag

  1. Just bought and brought it home on Saturday. Pic taken with my crappy cell camera so it doesn't do it justice. Looks better at home...can't take my eyes off of it...it gets better looking by the minute. It was a toss between Green and Blue (Vert Gazon vs. French Blue). Thought the gold hardware complemented the Green color better but could not get away from the Blue. Set me back over $1800 bones but I can tell I have a serious problem, b/c like all of you.... I want MORE!
  2. Gorgeous bag, lola! Congratulations!
  3. Congrats!!! Great choice.
  4. I was just like you, debating between French blue and Grass Green. I ended up choosing a French Blue work...but a couple of weeks later bought a Grass Green Brief.

    Great bag!

  5. Oooh...that sounds nice. Actually I think the Green in Brief would be perfect. I didn't quite prefer it in the Work..the Blue was so vibrant but definitely a great color in the Brief. Pic by chance?
  6. Congrats...nice bag....the blue color brightens up the day......enjoy....:nuts:
  7. Mine are both with Classic hardware but it's as equally gorgeous with Giant Hardware...


  8. HOly COW! She is gorgeous! You're pulling me over to dark side of GH. Is it heavy? Post a pic of you wearing it.
  9. Love the colour, It's beautiful! I'm a fan of the GH cause I have one too. yay we're GH sistas:yahoo:
  10. Congrats on the gorgeous bag!!
  11. That blueberry looks luscious with that Giant Hardware! :drool:
  12. Just stunning! Congrats Lola.
  13. Wow wow wow, she is a beauty, congrats!!!
  14. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: STUNNING :love: :love: the giant hardware. The colour is TDF!! great choice congrats! How heavy is it?
  15. Absolutely gorgeous. The FB is stunning with GH.......nice choice!:drool: