just got myself the trotter romantique!

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  1. woohoo!!! :nuts: CONGRATS ZERODROSS! im happy for u! cant wait to see the pictures!!! sighhh now ur making me jealous :drool: ...i want one tooooo!!!!
  2. Wow, drool :drool: It's beautiful, congrats!!
  3. OOoooooo! Congratulations! Please show us pics once you receive it!
  4. oh you might want to check out the "ebay suggestions" thread. mayday very helpfully provided a link to a similar trotter romantique up on ebay. it's a cheaper too! (and the only reason i didn't buy from this one is because the seller was shipping within the US only)

    eBay: Authentic DIOR logo handbag beige 2006 (item 150052960049 end time Nov-09-06 07:22:14 PST)

    i can't wait to see this bag in person. the new romantique line with the heart shape lock/flap in front looks really cute too. ;)
  5. i most definitely will! and a big big thank you to you mayday, for bringing my attention to the auction (and thus helping me find this romantique bag).

    the seller just ended the listing and has informed me that she'll ship it tomorrow. ahh, now for the wait. :whistle:
  6. congrats!! its beautiful!
  7. Congrats, what a gorgeous bag !
  8. congrats!
  9. congrats zerodross, with this gorgeous bag you'll be a bona fide RAWKSTAR (not that you'e not one already) :graucho: :lol:
  10. *fwaps you*
    HAH, GIMME YOUR CHANEL WOMAN! my lady dior is not coming through! :sad:
  11. the Bag is Gorgeous :love:

    Congrats ... post pic's as soon as she arrrrives :yahoo::yahoo:
  12. buyyyy the PINK classic flap, you knowssss you wantssss it!!! :supacool:
  13. congrats!
  14. Very Nice! :yes: