Just got my Xmas present........

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  1. I am so happy!:yahoo: :yahoo: Anyway I just got my first Lv bag, the Mono speedy 25! my first thought was it was so light and so small!! but then when I unfold it it is quite big, actually regular size of my normal bags. I inspect the bag and it was made in FRANCE! I am am thrilled as I was wondering which bag I will get. This is the first bag I've seen upclosed and it is mine!!!!! Can you tell I am just so happy to finally get an LV bag!
    I thanked my husband at work. He's happy that I am happy and hoping that I will switch my obsession to something else!
    I am not posting any pictures as you all have seen millions of speedy. I just want to share my happiness!:love: I did take tons of pictures just like everyone else to show my husband the unveiling of it!
    Now I am off to admire my speedy!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats, what a wonderful Christmas gift! My first LV was a mono speedy, also, except mine was a 30. You will love it!

    What a nice hubby you have, too, that let you open it already. My hubby is still holding my bag hostage until my birthday :crybaby:
  3. Please go ahead and post your pics! I love to see everybody's new bags, even speedies. Congratulations and wear it in good health.
  4. Congrats on the most classic of all LV's, the mono Speedy. You will love it!! YAY!!!
  5. :yahoo: Congrats!!!! Since you've already taken the pics you can still share it with us:yes: I'm NEVER sick of looking at pictures be it a small item or big ,LE or not. We're here to share your happiness:love:
  6. Congrats, it's such a classic. I agree with the others, please post pics, we never get tired off them!!
  7. Congrats! :yahoo:

    Please model with pics...:flowers:
  8. Thanks lilgirlie1310, Texas Girl, Antonia, Lee69a and icechick for your kind words in sharing my happiness!! I will try posting pictures when DH comes home from work.
    lilgirie1310, you should try to get your DH to let you have it NOW!! Tell him that he will get more thanks earlier!
  9. congrats!!!
    the speedy is a really good size bag. you can fit so much in it, and it still holds it's shape!
  10. Congrats! Great choice and would love to see YOU model YOUR speedy!:yes:
  11. Yay! Congrats!
  12. I think he likes to watch me suffer :lol:
  13. Congrats on your new bag!! I love speedy's they are addicting!!

    And, Please post pics, we NEVER get tired of seeing someone's new bag!!!
  14. congrats, pics please! :biggrin:
  15. congrats:yahoo: post pics!