Just got my White MC Priscilla today and r/o

  1. left it in the back of my fiance's truck (no worries, he has a cover) & he ran off to the gym. My priscilla is still back there, I hope she is okay:P I sure do miss her. I am going to kill him when he gets home!!!:graucho:
  2. cool congrats! cant wait to see pics.
  3. lucky you! i am starting to :love: that bag!
  4. i adore that bag! looks like ill be giving a mothers day gift lol
  5. sorry to go off topic, but what does "r/o" mean.. i see that every now and then, along with "rop" ??

    to me, "r/o" means "request off".. and that's just for work. lol. i dont see how it works with stuff like this.
  6. i was woundering the same thing but i though it would sound dumb to ask!
  7. hehehe... i hope she's ok - your LV that is!!!!!!!!
    congrats on the new piece!!! cant wait to see pics!!!!
  8. read on...
  9. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. post pics once you get it!
    she's really pretty
  11. Congrat's on the new bag, I hope she's ok back there.

    Be sure to share pic's with us when she arrives back with you.

  12. That bag is sooo adorable!! I would love if they made it in mono canvas.
  13. We must organize a search and rescue. Hurry! :roflmfao:
  14. Congrats on your Priscilla!!!!!!! Such a cute bag!!!!!!! :yes:
    <<----------Heehee...I:heart: mine!!!!!!-------------{
  15. Congratulations!!!!!