just got my weekender in blue india

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  1. love the color

    but i cannt carry it on shoulder.

    i remember having seen pictures here in which a girl carries it on shoulder...is it because the handler gets loosen up?

    thank you for replying!
  2. another question:

    do u carry ur B-bag with that little mirror on or without?

  3. hi congrats on ur weekender! :P
    but i think this HOULD be posted in balenciaga thread, not achtung balenciaga...

    i have a weekender, but it was used so the leather got very slouchy and the handles might stretch longer, it fitted my shoulder perfectly...
  4. :heart: the Weekender, congrats :happydance:

    Post pics when you can, I've never seen it that color.
  5. oops...wrong place to post...sorry

    seahorseinstripes, thanks for reply~

    girlycharlie, sure, i will!