Just Got My Very First PCE. What to buy?

Feb 28, 2010
Ok so I got my first PCE today:smile: quick question about it though, it was addressed to my husband because his name was on the card that paid for all of my bags. does that mean i can't use the pce?

I'm trying to decide between a bunch of things and would very much appreciate suggestions:smile:

I just got a signature heart glam tote and was thinking maybe the wallet would go nicely with it?

Then there's the bags I'm choosing from:smile: I own a lot from the poppy collection which I adore but I'm looking for something a bit more low key now, classic, functional, stylish to change things up a bit:smile:

thanks in advance:biggrin:
Aug 24, 2009
I'm a fan of bags 3,4,5...but for timelessness and classic, it's got to be number 5. It's black--and design aside, black is meeting all your needs!


Aug 19, 2008
Of the ones you pictured, I like the signature coralish-colored Brooke and the black Kristin Hobo the best (I'm actually considering one of those or the Kristin satchel in the peach color). I LOVE Maggie (I have 2), but I'm personally not a fan of the green; however, if that color works for you then it would be a great bag for Spring and Summer and probably actually be my 1st choice for you.


Feb 23, 2009
Yes, you can definitely use your husband's PCE card, folks give away cards here all the time and the recipients use them without any problems.

My vote is for the Hailey, I have that bag and it's so versatile and comfy to wear. My second choice would be the black Kristin tote, both are very classic and stylish. Probably depends on whether you'd get more use out of brown or black.
Dec 28, 2009
Hailey! I have this in black and it is gorgeous, comfortable, and versatile with all the ways you can wear it. BTW, I LOVE the mahogany color :biggrin:



Feb 8, 2009
I called Jax because I want the Bone Maddison Croc Carryall and the phone rep told me all but the light pink were sold out....think she might be wrong...calling tomorrow to ask someone else. If not sold out, I vote for the Peony Croc Carryall...I have the Maggie and it is stunning!!


Aug 7, 2006
Kristin or Hailey. I was just at Coach yesterday scoping it out to see what I want for PCE. The Kristin bags are really nice. Lightweight with very soft leather. You can't go wrong with the black tote you have pictured. Very classy, timeless, functional and will match with everything. I can't decide on a color for the Kristins. I already have so many black bags. I like the yellow but I'm worried I will get tired of it after a month or so. I'm not one to change my bags often. Enough about my decision! GOOD LUCK deciding and have fun shopping with your first PCE!! :yahoo: